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Welcome to Cosplay Station!

. We are a group of fashion designers and dedicated anime fans. Our mission is to provide the best designs reflecting your favorite anime characters in every detail.

. We always use high quality materials in our cosplay outfits and cosplay wigs. Also our cosplay costumes come with many detailed accessories to more faithfully capture your favorite anime characters than other cosplay stores.

. We have a very big selection of cosplay products with over 500 different characters including Haseo; Kite in .Hack, Katara; Roku in Avatar, Battlestar Galactica,

Bankai; Hitsugaya; Kenpachi in Bleach, Matt; L Lawliet in Death Note, Dante; Nero in Devil May Cry, Gohan; Raditz; Goku; Vegeta; Trunks in Dragon Ball,

Dark; Krad in DN Angel, Belle; Jasmine Princess in Disney, Kasumi; Elliot in Dead Or Alive, Cloud Strife; Zack Fair; Squall Leonhart; Versus; Tifa Lockhart; Sephiroth in Final Fantasy,

Gray Fullbuster; Loke; Natsu Dragneel in Fairy Tail, Demyx; Larxene; Axel; Roxas; Saix in Kingdom Hearts, Giotto; Squalo; Dokuro Chrome in Katekyo Hitman Reborn,

Max Sterling; Miriya; Misa Hayase in Macross Robotech, Princess Peach; Princess Rosalina; IKE in Nintendo, Gaara; Sasuke Uchiha; Madara Uchiha; Hokage Yondaime; Uchiha Itachi in Naruto,

Trainer Red; Dawn; Lance; Gijinka in Pokemon, Leon S. Kennedy; Claire Redfield; Nemesis in Resident Evil, Ikuto; Amu Hinamori in Shugo Chara,

Shinigami-sama; Maka Albarn; Evans; Black Star; Chrona in Soul Eater, Robin; Starfire; Terra; Beast Boy in Teen Titans, Link; Princess Zelda; Tetra; Linebeck in The Legend of Zelda,

Yuuki; Yagari Toga; Kiryuu Zero in Vampire Knight, Miku; Rin; Len; Akaito; Gakupo Kamui in Vocaloid, Demon Kurama; DemonYusuke; Hakusho Hiei; Kazuma Kuwabara in Yu Yu Hakusho,

Yami Bakura; Yugi Muton; Yami Yugi; Pegasus; Kaiba DuelYu Gi Oh!, and many more!

. We use PayPal to ensure an easy and safe online shopping experience.

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New Arrivals!!!On Sale Products!

Eastern Time 9:00am-5:00pm

IMPORTANT:Beware of Cheap Imitations!!!

It has come to our attention that some web sites/stores(Located In China)have STOLEN our wig pictures on their sites. We’ve heard from customers complaining about the quality of the wigs they bought at those sites, thinking they were buying wigs from us. We stand behind the quality of all our cosplay products, and we are especially proud of our wigs which are all hand styled here in our Toronto office. So don’t be FOOLED! There is only one place on the web where you can buy COSPLAY STATION WIGS and that is RIGHT HERE.

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