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Hetalia Axis Powers Belarus Cosplay Dress: High Quality!
Hetalia Axis Powers  Belarus Cosplay DressHetalia Axis Powers  Belarus Cosplay Dress
Hetalia Axis Powers Belarus Cosplay Dress
Item#: commission246
Regular price: US$169.99
Sale Price: US$149.99
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Product Description
Belarus is a character in Himaruya's series Hetalia Axis Powers.

Sister to Russia, Belarus is often shown obsessively stalking him and ruminating over their marriage.

Belarus is beautiful, but often aggressive.

Hetalia Axis Powers Belarus Cosplay Dress

Package Includes: One Piece Dress + Apron

Pls refer to SIZE CHART and select a right size for your cosplay outfit.

Hetalia Axis Powers Belarus Cosplay Wig
Regular price: US$99.99
Sale Price: US$79.99

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IMPORTANT:Beware of Cheap Imitations!!!

It has come to our attention that some web sites/stores(Located In China)have STOLEN our wig pictures on their sites. We’ve heard from customers complaining about the quality of the wigs they bought at those sites, thinking they were buying wigs from us. We stand behind the quality of all our cosplay products, and we are especially proud of our wigs which are all hand styled here in our Toronto office. So don’t be FOOLED! There is only one place on the web where you can buy COSPLAY STATION WIGS and that is RIGHT HERE.

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